Soule Homestead Education Center

cropped-SouleHomestead_FINALlogo102115.jpgThe mission of the Soule Homestead Education Center is to support and maintain a community-based nonprofit education center for the benefit of area schools and the general public while preserving and enhancing the historic Soule Homestead. Hands on learning opportunities include environmental programs, organic farming activities, traditional crafts, and cultural events.

Our goals are simple:

  • We encourage full community participation in all aspects of the farm’s operation.
  • We preserve and maintain the integrity of the Soule Farm as a sustainable organic working farm and educational and recreational area.
  • We provide hands-on experiences and opportunities for exploration that allow people of diverse backgrounds to discover the connection among all living and non-living things and to develop appreciation and respect for those things.
  • We provide a peaceful, rural setting for hiking, cross-country skiing, art, photography, bird watching, picnicking and other recreational activities in keeping with the Homestead mission.
  • We provide educational programs that promote; organic farming, gardening skills, traditional arts and crafts such as spinning and weaving, rug braiding, quilting, food preservation, wood carving, basketry and chair caning.
  • We provide opportunities for research in agriculture, ecology and local history.