cropped-SouleHomestead_FINALlogo102115.jpgThe Homestead offers a variety of low-cost educational programs that emphasize hands-on learning experiences in our unique setting. All of our educational programs incorporate one or more of the Massachusetts State Educational Curriculum Standards and Frameworks, including: History and Social Science; Science and Technology; Mathematics; and Visual Arts.

Programs and activities include:

  • Farm Based Educational Programs
    • Field Trips
    • Home School Groups
    • Scouts
    • Girl Scout Patch Programs
    • Outreach programs
    • Teacher After Visit Questionnaire
  • Farm-based School Vacation Programs
    • Vacation Registration Form
  • Farm Birthday Parties
  • Workshops and Activities Calendar
  • Nature Trail
  • Letterboxing – Printable directions are here
  • Community Gardens
  • Junior Volunteers
  • A Resource Library
  • Volunteer Opportunities

For additional information, call or e-mail