Birthday Parties

cropped-SouleHomestead_FINALlogo102115.jpgParty planning can be stressful but not when you leave it all up to us!  Don’t squeeze all of your friends and family into your house when you can have an entire farm to enjoy on your child’s birthday! Contact us at

Our  ‘Meet the Animals’ birthday party is our most popular theme for children of all ages!  The 90 minute party has a minimum of $75 or $2 an adult and $ 7 a child. For groups over 30 there is a large group fee of $50. There is an option of adding a half hour at $25.

So what can you expect during your 90 minute party?

-At arrival the children will  decorate a ‘goodie bag’ for the hay stack later in the program.

-Gather all of our friends on handmade quilts and learn a little about Soule Homestead and the animals that live here.

-Head outside to meet some of our farm animals. We can feed and pet the goats and chickens. We also visit the sheep, ducks and geese.

-Explore inside our historic barn to look for items in the hay using the bags the children have decorated.

-Continue our adventure back to the classroom to make an age appropriate craft like a sheep wool bracelet, magnet or necklace.

-Hands are washed and then it is time for cake and ice cream! Folks often add a  ½ hour to extend the program: serve cake, open presents, include a small lunch or just have some extra time to enjoy a birthday on the farm!

Booking your day: 

Booking is a piece of cake! A $20 non-refundable deposit will hold your date and time. We provide an indoor space in one of our two classrooms, a staff person to lead your party, we decorate the classroom and take care of the set up and cleaning afterwards!

You supply all the food that you are planning to provide your guests.  Suggestions include; the cake (or cupcakes), ice cream cups, a small snack, small juice boxes and/or water bottles. Also, you will need: serving plates, napkins, serving utensils, candle and matches.

You also provide the trinkets for kids to find in the Hay Stack Game.  Here are some ideas from past parties:

Oranges (decorated with silly faces!)

Small boxes of raisins

Small note books


Small rubber duckies

Small animal shaped soap

Small farm related toys

Small packages of candy

Very young children benefit by having all gifts wrapped up in 1 package. A bandanna is a great farmy way to go!

A good rule of thumb 3-5 like items per child