Field Trips

cropped-SouleHomestead_FINALlogo102115.jpgUnique, educational, hands-on learning experiences for public, private, and home school groups, scout troops, day care centers, and other youth groups.

Let our farm be your classroom!  All of our programs are designed to incorporate some of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in History and Social Science, Science and Technology/Engineering, Mathematics,and/or Visual Art. Our programs can also be tailored to suit individual group needs. Longer programs can be made by special arrangement. You are welcome to stay after your program to enjoy a snack or lunch and use our picnic tables and bathrooms. You may also schedule your snack or lunch during the program, an additional fee may apply.

90 Minute Program: $6/child
($5/child—Middleboro Schools)

$75 Minimum for any program

A $20 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the date of any program

RESCHEDULING POLICY: You may reschedule your program with no additional fee provided you call us within regular business hours of Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm and give us at least a 24 hour notice. Rescheduling less than 24 hours before the program will add an additional $20 to your program fee.

All Field Trip Programs – 50 children suggested maximum
For groups over 50, a $50 large group fee applies.

*$2 for all teachers and chaperones*

Please download our Chaperone Guide for more information.


90 Minute Programs

See the Frameworks Mapping for specific frameworks incorporated into each program.

Get to know our farm animals, and learn how they help farmers work, provide food, create fibers, and more. Each child can spin a bracelet to wear home as they discover how wool journeys from sheep to sweater.
Learn to identify different parts of a plant, understand what plants need to grow, and how they help people.  Seasonal activities may include composting, work in our organic gardens, and/or sowing seeds in a planter to take home.
See how simple machines make hard tasks easier all over the farm. Students will use wedges, levers, wheels, screws, incline planes and pulleys, and learn how farms functioned before the industrial age. A great hands-on way to learn the science and power of simple machines!
Students will learn how Mother Earth is the original recycler and become familiar with properties that make healthy living soil. We will talk about the organic gardener’s best friend, the earth worm as we look at our vermicomposting bin. We will also learn to recycle household food waste and plastic, glass, metal and paper items.
We’ll start with a short introduction to birds, and their importance to the Soule Homestead ecosystem and on a larger scale the Taunton River Watershed. We’ll continue by using tripod magnifiers to view feathers and nests. We then hike around the farm with binoculars to bird watch and view various habitats. Ending back in the classroom with a take home Birds of Soule activity book.


You may add one of the following 30 minute lessons to a 90 minute program for an additional $2 per child. See the Frameworks Mapping for specific frameworks incorporated into each program.

Students learn all about wool, from sheep to sweater. They card and spin the farm’s wool, making bracelets to wear home as souvenirs.
Students learn first-hand how butter is made, with hands on experience demonstrating the states of matter. We’ll enjoy the finished product on fresh-popped organic popcorn.
Where does soil come from? Learn how Mother Nature is the original recycler, and discover the life in the soil.  What many folks consider waste, gardeners and farmers turn into “black gold”.  Find out how, and why! This lesson involves getting up-close and personal with the beauty of compost!
Discover the secrets of the season with a walk on our forest trail. Learn about native flora, threatened species, invasive and non-natives as well. We’ll discuss the difference between wild and domestic plants and animals. Spot signs of wildlife and have your eyes opened to what’s going on in the forests all around us.
Students will practice map reading and decipher clues as they explore the farm scavenger-hunt style.


Although nothing is quite like being on the farm, Soule Homestead can come to you! Some of our programs listed above are available for Outreach and can be tailored to suit the facility, class, and curriculum requirements. Call or e-mail for more details.

Suggested 30 children maximum group size for 1 hour program
$150 per program
($125/program Middleboro Schools)
For groups larger than 30 children there will be an additional $50 fee and additional time may be required.
We offer customized programming for your troop here at the scenic 120 acre organic educational farm! We will work with you to achieve your desired goal.

50 children suggested maximum group
Pricing will vary according to length and program description

We also offer patch programs in partnership with Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. See the details here.

To book a program or find out more, please call the Soule Homestead Education Center Office at (508) 947-6744 or e-mail us at