Girl Scout Patch Program 2017

cropped-SouleHomestead_FINALlogo102115.jpgGirl Scouts Rule!  Our traditional educational programs have been slightly modified to meet the needs of the girl scouts so they may fulfill the requirements of the Fun Patch. Participants will get a full ‘farmy’ experience no matter which patch program is chosen. We look forward to working with your scout troop.

To register for a Patch Program, please call Dana at the Girl Scouts of Eastern MA at 774-766-6953.  For other questions or to book a bonus program, call our office at 508.947.6744.

1: Animal Meet & Greet – Soule Homestead Patch

(2 hours)

Meet the farm animals and learn what products they provide us.  Girls will card and spin their own bracelet from the farms sheep’s wool and be treated to organic popcorn topped with butter the girls will help make during the program. Fun Patch included.

This Program has already occurred.  Thanks to all that attended!

2. Art in the Outdoors – Girl Scouts of Eastern MA to provide patch

(2 hours)

Fresh air, open space and art come together for the creation of nature based projects.  Inspired by our natural world we will explore outdoors using our senses, learn about artists who are inspired by nature and acquire new art techniques. There will be time for getting our hands dirty too!

Price:        $10 per girl      Adults are FREE

Time and Dates:

Grades K-3                   April 8, 2017                  10:00am – 12:00pm

Grades 4-5                   April 29, 2017                 10:00am – 12:00pm

Grades 6-12                 May 20, 2017                 10:00am – 12:00pm

*Bonus Offer:  By signing up for Animal Meet & Greet or Art in the Outdoors then you may sign up with Soule at a discounted rate for the following program:

Roots and Shoots- Soule Homestead Patch

(1.5 hours)

Learn to identify different plant parts, and understand what plants need to grow and thrive.  Scouts will have an opportunity to plant or transplant a vegetable and plant seeds in a ‘root viewer’ to take home.  Space is limited.

Price:         $10 per girl      $2 per adult

Time and Dates:
Grades K-12                   June 3, 2017                      10:00am – 11:30am